Modular Construction

W. A. RANDOLPH, INC uses Modular Construction speeding up project delivery times.

W. A. RANDOLPH, INC has successfully completed the construction of Hotels using fully modular construction means and methods.

Modular construction involves the specific design, integration and construction of modular units. The modules are built and inspected in factories which allows for repetitive manufacturing methods within a climate-controlled environment. This process increases efficiencies, reduces waste and increases consistency. The modules are constructed in weather resistant boxes and are delivered to the site complete with all the finishes and FF&E. Once on site, they are unloaded and stacked in place rapidly with only the fa├žade work and corridor Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing systems needing to be integrated with the site construction.

The main advantages of Modular construction are speed to completion and reduction of punch list work due to the consistency obtained from a factory setting.

Modular construction requires considerable up-front planning and earlier decision making for design professionals and procurement and having a solid pre-construction team and experienced GC partner are critical to the successful outcome.

W. A. RANDOLPH, INC has developed rigorous modular construction processes and schedules which enhance our ability to deliver modular projects in a cost effective and timely manner. We continue to work with our modular manufacturing partners to improve these processes to enhance the speed, cost and quality of these building methods.

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