Modular Construction in Chicago, IL

Chicago’s Modular Construction Experts

Welcome to W.A Randolph, where we revolutionize the construction industry with an innovative approach to all projects we participate in. With a specialty in modular construction, we’ve been able to set a new standard in quality and efficiency for those wanting to partner up in the Chicago area. We have completed various projects using our modular methods, which has been a showcase for our effectiveness and versatility.

What Makes Our Modular Construction Service Different?


Expedited Delivery Times

Gone are the days when traditional one-size-fits-all timelines are the norm. When it comes to modular construction, we’re able to expedite project delivery times. You can now complete your construction project in record time without compromising quality or care. Each modular project is meticulously crafted to ensure perfect uniformity in every aspect of construction.

Ready-to-Use Units

Our modular units are made in weather-resistant boxes that are then transported to your site fully complete with all necessary finishes and FF&E. Once on-site, all boxes are stacked and unloaded into place. Additionally, the other systems that need to be put in place are the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical once the facade is completed.

Quality at the Forefront

Modular construction covers the design, integration, and overall construction of modular units. These units are always inspected in climate-controlled factories, making sure that quality is at the forefront of every step. By partnering with W.A Randolph, you’re partnering with an industry leader in manufacturing methods that have proven to streamline the construction process, enhance efficiency, and minimize waste.

Access to Experts

From reducing timeline estimates to efficient punch list work, our list of clientele experiences the unmatched quality and consistency that can be rare when working with other construction partners. When you partner with W.A Randolph, you’re teaming up with a team of professionals. From procurement specialists to design professionals right at your fingertips, enjoy a seamless transition to integrate modular construction into your project.

Our Commitment To You

At W.A Randolph we are committed to delivering excellent service, technique, and material. Our modular construction processes have proved to be successful and are designed to optimize any budgetary needs and timelines. We are always on the lookout for the newest in enhanced technology, cost, and quality to be ahead of the curb.

Be part of the future in construction with W.A Randolph by your side. Contact us today and discover more about how our years of expertise can guide and aid you in your next construction endeavor.